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NEW! TriplePlay antenna bundle SAVE $$$



Verizon LTE 4G is now available in the Chambersburg, Pa. area!

(Contact us for more information)

Where there is DTV and 4G reception available, this package can deliver FREE

HDTV from local broadcast, phone and internet via a Smart Phone (service required).

The TriplePlay antenna connects to your DTV set and a booster designed to match your cell phone carrier and service. This provides a reliable cell signal that will allow you to disconnect your land line. With a DTV set, a Smart Phone and data plan from your carrier you can enjoy reliable cell phone service, super fast internet, and FREE HDTV for as little as $30 per month, plus your cell phone basic service fee.

This package is available as a self installation kit that can be custom configured for your location and your service availability.


Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington DC.

Contact us to find out if this package will work in your area.