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Since 2004 Signals Unlimited, Inc. has been South Central Pennsylvania's only full service antenna company. Featuring our own exclusive, rigid, and light weight antenna designs that are proudly manufactured in the USA. No matter what type of signal issue you are experiencing Signals Unlimited, Inc. has a solution for your home or business.

System pricing

DTV-2D+ UHF/VHF COMBO. $450 installed.

The perfect choice for reception of UHF and VHF DTV stations within 45 miles and clear of obstructions. UHF reception is somewhat directional with 85 degrees of forward vision. the VHF antenna (channels 2-13) is bidirectional with good reception front and rear. The combination mounts well on new or existing satellite mount and easily connects thru existing cabling and distribution system.

 Rotating amplified UHF/VHF $729 installed

(Non-rotating, $595) 

The perfect antenna system for full spectrum DTV reception is desired from stations up to 75 miles from your location from different directions. This system can mount on a satellite pole or other mount as needed to provide best reception and lowest possible visibility on your home. The installation includes a full signal test and display of available channels on equipment in our "state of the art" service van.

Deep fringe amplified rotating 8 bay UHF/VHF system $795 Installed

Best antenna system for fringe locations, where the stations are distant and or mountainous and obstructed. When professionally installed this antenna system can deliver stations when all other antennas have failed.